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Product Design

Need an Idea brought to life. We have a full range of capabilities. We can take your idea and turn it into a reality with our CAD software and 3D printing.


3D Printing

Our 3D Printers are only run by Engineers and we take the time to make sure that we understand the application and environment your part will be used in.

Laser Cutting


Need Plaques or panels laser engraved, etched. We have full automation to allow for low to high orders.

minimum order of $150.00


We are a small team of engineers that specialize in product design and rapid prototyping. Many of our smaller products we develop go from idea to 3D printed prototype in less then a month. This allows our clients to get their product to market much faster.


Leahy Industries LLC

P.O. Box 5851

Austin, TX, 78763

Phone: 737.290.9217