Leahy Industries LLC

E-mail:   andrew@leahyindustries.com

Phone:   512-436-3255


  • 3d Printing software (Setup,orientation,machine limitations)                                         

  • Setting up and using the printer. (maintenance and general trouble shooting)                                          

  • Hands on Training simple prints allow to quickly teach benefits and draw backs of model orientation.

Try & Buy

  • We will rent two different 3d printers to you for a month. This allows you to try them both out and see which one you like better. Once a decision has been made we will deliver and set up whichever printer you have choosen or, just keep the one that is already there!                                                                    

  • Need a 3d printer for a day or two? We have printers for events and demonstrations.


  • Not sure if 3d printing is beneficial for you or not? We can aid in any discussions on whether 3d printing is right for you facility or product. We are here to help. Also Aid in setting up a digital inventory system.

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