Product Design 

Get your Product to Market Faster!

Want a Product designed and have a final prototype we are here for you. Thanks to our rapid prototyping capabilities we are able to go from CAD model to Prototype allowing handling, test fitting and an over all better final product. 3D printing will change the way you design forever. When you hire us for product design we include a free 3d printed prototype. 



Have a problem or an idea that you need designed and prototyped? Give us a call and we will discuss in more detail your idea or product you need desgined. When you hire us for product design we include a free 3d printed prototype. 

conceptual design.JPG

Conceptual design

Once an idea or problem has been proposed we will work on several different conceptual design proposals. Once these have been completed we will get with you to make sure we are meeting your requirements.


Detailed Design

Once a Concept is agreed upon we will begin designing a prototype in our CAD software. Upon finishing our designs we will send you rendering of each model and any other files types requested. So you are able to use for your website or customer presentations. 



After completing the detailed design we will begin preparing the files for our 3d printers. This process is quick depending on the size of each part. Most parts that are about the size of a coffee mug are printed in1 day.

Prototype Test fit.jpg

Test & Analyze

Upon completion of printing a prototype we will deliver and test the part with our clients if small changes need to be made this can quickly be done and we can quickly print a new prototype. Optimization will continue to be done until the part functions and fits as desired.

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